Richard Jacobs, President of ASJ Company

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Richard Jacobs has over 15 years of experience as a programmer, and specializes in mobile app and advanced website development.

He is best known for his highly-skilled and innovative approach to IT, and is the architect of all of technology solutions that ASJ Company provides.

Richard attended the College of William and Mary and received his Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating with honors. His creative work is on permanent display at W&M.

His background in web development has presented him with myriad opportunities in development, programming, multi-media, graphic design, and custom database applications. He has more than 15 years of experience working with a wide-range of clients, including Real Estate Developers, Mortgage Brokerage Agencies, Insurance companies, and Not-for-Profit organizations. Richard is the creator of the successful system and implementation of “IC Leads”, a lead generation process for a leading, multi-million dollar, national mortgage broker.

Richard is responsible for all technical aspects at ASJ Company and to the clients we serve. He is the senior programmer and problem-solver with regards to our creative projects. His famous line, “There isn’t anything we can’t do.” is his standard response when the ASJ team presents a project or strategic plan to him. He enjoys challenges and offers many solutions and opportunities to the our clients.