Kidmonitor Software
E-commerce Website, Application Programming, Marketing
Website Design, Logo, Package Design, Television Commercial, Narration by Alev.

Programming by Richard.

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Kid Monitor Secretly Records All Activity on your Child's Computer: All websites visited, all emails sent and received, both sides of all IMs and chatrooms. You can see for yourself exactly what your child has been doing online. Designed to be very user friendly, even if you are new to computers.

ASJ Company Provided
All aspects of the Kid Monitor project, an original software application created and sold by ASJ Company. Our services included: all programming of the application, creating the Kid Monitor brand and graphics, programming the e-commerce website, packaging design, online marketing, creating an online partner program for resellers, creating and airing a television commercial, and supporting our customers.

Kid Monitor Software was sold to a private investor in 2008.