The Great Zucchini App
For iOS and Android

Do your kids love the Great Zucchini? The Great Zucchini App gives you and your kids unlimited access to the complete library of Great Zucchini videos, including live shows and fun field trips. There are nine videos in all, including four full-length live shows -- more than three hours of entertainment for your kids!

In case you haven't heard, The Great Zucchini is the Number One Entertainer for Young Children in the Washington DC area (and beyond!). He has a unique and hilarious style that young children intuitively love. The Great Zucchini will have your kids cracking up, even if they have never seen him before in person.

How Does It Work?

Tap the blue "cloud" button to stream Great Zucchini videos anytime you have Internet access.

Planning to be offline, perhaps on a long car or plane trip? Tap the purple "cloud arrow" button to download and save Great Zucchini videos that you can watch later, when you don't have an Internet connection.


When you are offline, tap the red "device" button to watch videos you have downloaded. It's that easy!

For more information about The Great Zucchini App, or if you need product support, please contact Richard Jacobs.