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Internet & Technology Consultant

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Below is a list of my capabilities based on the projects I have worked on in the past. Additionally, I often find that when I talk with clients I have some knowledge about their question, even if it isn't on the list.

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Tech Services

Mobile Apps
Web Development
Web Design
Internet Video


Remote Support
Systems & Support
Computer Training
PC Applications


Knowledge & Advice
IT Solutions
Reports, Evaluations


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I have been involved with the Internet since 1997, the now infamous "Dot-Com" era. Thirteen years of experience pays off for my clients, with a wide array of Internet capabilities including: Design, Development, E-commerce, Web Marketing and Internet Video.

Website Design

Complete "Start-to-Finish" Website Design Service
Domain Name Choice (
Domain Registration
Website Layout
Attractive, Professional, and Modern Design
Large, Corporate Feel
HTML Scripting
Publish to the Internet
Website Hosting Setup
Contact Forms
Custom Email Setup (
Logos, Graphics, Videos, Animations
Copy Editing and Advice
"Web Psychology"

Webmaster Services

Content Management Sytems (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla)
Perform Website Updates
Scheduled and On-Demand
Management and Automation of Email and Customer Support


Complete Flash Websites
Flash Animation with Music and Voiceover
Slideshows and Presentations
PowerPoint to Flash
Character/Avatar Based Animation
Flash CD-ROMS and Integrated Desktop Applications

Mobile Apps, Web Development & Website Programming

Custom Web Server Applications
Implement Customized, Open Source and/or Licensed Solutions
Dynamic, Database Driven Applications
Member's Only Areas with Security
Mass Email Systems, Broadcast Email Systems, Listservs
Document Sharing and Collaboration
Event Calendars
Member Directories and Profiles
Classified Ads, Real Estate
E-Commerce Systems
ASP, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, MSSQL, MySQL, Access


Online Payment Systems
Shopping Carts
Payment Gateways
Online Merchant Accounts
Transaction Processing
Complete E-Commerce Solutions

Internet Video

Convert Any Video Format to Web Video
Create Videos Specifically "For the Web"
Websites with Integrated Video
Mobile Web Video
Live Streams vs. On-Demand Web Video
Video Hosting
Video Players
Video Sharing Services
Optimize Web Video Size & Quality
Format Capabilities: FLV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, RM, WMV, AVI

Video Production

Professional Quality Equipment and Software
HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) Production
Up-convert SD to HD
In-Studio and On-Location
Business Videos
Event Videography
Broadcast Quality Commercials
Video Press Releases, Infomercials, News
Advanced Video Editing, Effects and Titles
Professional Audio and Music
DVD Production
Video to DVD Conversion


Professionally Recorded Audio Content
Voiceover Talent Management
Stock Music and Sound Effect Sources
Podcasting and Streaming Audio
Audio for Video, Slideshows, Animations and Multimedia Presentations

Digital Photography Services

Publish Photographs to the Web, CD-ROMs, and DVDs
Slideshows and Presentations
Photo Restoration, Retouching and Enhancement

Internet Marketing Consulting

Search Engine Advertising
PPC (Pay Per Click)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Internet Yellow Pages Marketing
Self Managed Affiliate Programs
3rd Party Affiliate Programs
Viral Marketing
Blog Marketing
Market Analysis/Competition Level Analysis

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Technology Service

This category encompasses all of my “real world” technical capabilities. I work extensively with Systems (meaning computers, peripherals, and other equipment), Networks, Applications and Databases. I also provide support on-site and remotely via Internet remote control.

Tech Support, Troubleshooting & Repair

On-site & Drop-off Support in the San Diego, CA Area
Remote Support Anywhere in the World via Internet Remote Control
Troubleshoot Errors
Virus/Spyware Removal
Spam Solutions
Software Installation, Setup
Computer/Setup, Upgrade and Repair
Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, etc.) Setup and Troubleshooting
Email Setup
Internet Help
All Questions Answered/Researched

Home & Small Office Technology

Computer Setup, Upgrade, Repair.
Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, Back-up Devices, etc.)
HDTV, Home Theater Setup
Electronics and Equipment Setup
VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - Internet Telephony)

Computer Training

Basic Internet (Web Surfing, E-mail, etc.)
Application Training
Microsoft Office
Web Design
Web Development
Database Management


WIFI/Wireless Network Setup, including Security
Prevent Unauthorized Access to your WIFI Network
Cable Modem/DSL/FIOS Setup
Wired Networks
Workgroups and Domains
Shared Printers and Files
VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
Firewalls and Network Security
Remote Access to your Home/Office Computer
Video Conferencing/Teleconferencing Solutions

Back-up Systems

Automatic, Scheduled Backups
Back-up Devices and Software
Data Recovery

PC Programming & Custom Applications

Custom Visual Basic Applications
Office Automation
Process Analysis and Improved Efficiency
Microsoft Office Macros and Programming
Upgrade from Legacy Applications and Databases

MS Office Programming and Document Conversion

Document Conversion from Office to PDF, HTML, Flash, etc.
Publish to the Web
MS Office Macros, Automation, Programming
Microsoft Access Database Forms and Applications


Internet Databases
Custom Database Applications
Data Import, Export and Conversion
Legacy Database Upgrade
Database Management
MSSQL, MySQL, Access
Microsoft Access Forms and Applications


Custom Datamining Applications
"Scrape" or Harvest Data from Public Website Databases
Logically Analyze, Sort, and Synthesize Data from any Source
Parse and Extract Data from any Document or Website
OCR (Optical Character Reading)

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One of my most popular capabilities is consultation. People need help, advice, and information. I provide consultation services based on my professional experience as well as extensive research. Verbal Advice, Written Evaluations and Reports, Complete IT Solutions, even Participation in Corporate Governance are all capabilities that I can provide.

Knowledge and Consulting

Corporate CTO, Board Member, Advisory Council
Complete IT Solutions
Verbal Consultations, Written Reports
Internet Research
Detailed Evaluation of IT Professionals and Companies
Resume Evaluation
Technology Business Evaluation
Website Evaluation
Competition Evaluation
Internet Marketing
Office Process Analysis and Improved Efficiency

IT Solutions

Available Options
Purchase Advice: Computers, Hardware, Software, Services, etc.
Feasibility Studies
IT Project Management

Referrals on Request

Graphic Design for Print
Traditional Marketing, Advertising and Sales
Business Strategy
Printing (Business Cards, Brochures, Reports)
Professional Photography

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